About us

Varkert Bazar is a neo-renaissance miracle dreamed up by Miklos Ybl around the end of the 19th Century. This elegant building, with its extraordinary atmosphere, has a long history in the heart of Budapest beginning 130 years ago. It was first a venue for important exhibitions of the arts and innovations of the time, then as home to events centered round the youth of Hungary. In the spirit of keeping this exciting, creative tradition alive in the 21st Century we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the very best of today’s culinary arts in the very best surroundings with the very best service.   This is the spirit of  Barkert Bistro.

Our kitchen

Traditional and classic – modern and novel – these are the main features of our dishes and, thanks to ‘fusion cuisine’, our guests can also expect a delightful surprise in every taste! What is fusion cuisine? We have paired fine traditional Hungarian food with characteristic international flavors. It’s easier said than done – but luckily we found the right man for the job! Our Italian trained Head Chef, Fabrizio Caldarazzo, makes sure that all our guests will experience the highest caliber gastronomy – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Fabrizio has spent a lifetime in the kitchen. Since the age of 12, without a break, he has honed his culinary knowledge and skills in various restaurants, gaining valuable experience in the world’s most outstanding Michelin starred establishments. Under his control our professional kitchen staff work efficiently and harmoniously to provide a really special and exciting variety of dishes to the most discriminating guest, using the finest and best quality ingredients, of course.


Since the age of 12, Fabrizio has been working in the kitchen – not without stopping and not only in one kitchen! He refined his culinary knowledge in different restaurants: in the last few decades he has worked, learned and gained experience in the world’s most outstanding Michelin-stars restaurants. Under his control, a professional kitchen crew provides a really special and exciting variety of dishes to our consumers. Using all the best and quality ingredients, of course.


Our Bistro’s spacious interiors, and terrace with panoramic views overlooking the river Danube, provide a stylish environment and atmosphere for a variety of events. With the help of our skilled waiters and state-of-the-art technical equipment we can easily host 10, 50 or 100 people; and in the case of a standing reception we can accommodate 200 guests. We can do this while taking care of any special requirements. All you need to do is tell us the exact date of your event and leave the rest to us. A charming ambiance, delicious flavors, friendly atmosphere and smooth service – these are the essentials that ensure your special event will be memorable.

Some events to celebrate:

Birthdays & Anniversaries
Large & small Business events
Family and/⁠ or friend gatherings
Class reunions
Gala Dinners
Partner meetings
Press Conferences
Cocktail parties
Special events

Why hold your event at our Bistro?

Exclusive environment, friendly ambience and picturesque view
Fusion of local and international cuisine
Experienced and attentive waiters
Modern technical equipment
Unique, personalized offers



Every day: 11:30-24:00




Viczián Lili
sales manager
+3630 985 1225


+36 30 311 6062


In the neighborhood on the streets or in the Várkert Bazár underground garage. In the underground garage the fee is 300 HUF / hour, on the streets it's 400 HUF / hour during 8.00 - 18.00.